The "7 Days to an Inspired Life" Challenge

taught by Skip Johnson
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Skip Johnson
Skip Johnson
Senior Instructor

About the instructor

Skip Johnson loves helping his students find massive amounts of inspiration in everday life.

To this author and motivational speaker-- as the Helen Keller quote affirms-- being alive for each of us is "either a daring adventure, or nothing at all." 

In the "7 Days to an Inspired Life" Challenge, Skip will provide you each day with ideas and words that will not only inspire you, but will leave you feeling empowered and equipped to impact the lives of those around you.

In these short 7 days, you'll get specific, easily implemented guidance on:

  • effectively dealing with change
  • learning to respond, not react, to challenges
  • becoming unstoppably persistent
  • doing the "impossible"

...and so much more

Skip is the author of the inspirational book Grateful for Everything, he's a member of the National Storytelling Network and he is a part of  less than1% of tennis professionals world-wide who are rated as  Master Tennis Professional with the United States Professional Tennis Association.

You can get inspiration from Skip Johnson every day and read more of Skip's inspirational work at:

Let's do this!

No more "waiting until something, somehow changes" in your life.

Change is about to happen--you're going to finally take the first step!

In this "7 Days to an Inspired Life" Challenge, Skip Johnson will lead you on a journey to feeling more empowered, motivated, and inspired to see life's challenges through totally different lenses.

In these 7 days--just 2 minutes each day--you'll learn powerful ideas that can be transformed into habits you can use to supercharge your happiness.

Start now on the "7 Days to an Inspired Life" Challenge and let the magic begin...

Course Contents

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2 Texts
7 Audios