The keys to happiness and contentment... where'd they go??

Does a life of contentment and happiness seem like a faraway dream? Does it feel like each day is often a struggle to simply enjoy life?

If so, I designed this audio/video course for you—to help you to understand that you haven’t lost happiness, you’ve just misplaced those critical keys.

Once you reclaim them, you'll realize how close you were all along to that happy and content life, free from negativity and cynicism.

We are often told and shown by others that we are inadequate and that it is impossible to be happy without that new car, that perfect vacation, that slimmer figure...

 We are told that others have more than us, or are better than us, so we must fight and stress to have what they have.

But the reality of it is that everything you need is within you and at your fingertips right now--in these 10 simple, often overlooked keys.

These 10 keys are designed to help us to return to the contentment and happiness which is just out of reach. With inspirational quotes to get you in the right frame of mind, you’ll soon be working your way to the life you really deserve to have - one filled with contentment and happiness.

I know you're busy...

So, I've distilled these keys down to make them as quick and simple as possible to go through and absorb them.

Included in your instruction, I will share powerful, engaging audio and video stories with life lessons, like...

  • The Anonymous Letter
  • My Terrified Friend and the Giant Snake
  • Lessons From a Traveler
  • The Neighbor and the Ugly Fence

and insights in every section so that this course will actually be FUN! Yes, FUN!

 Each lesson will take around 5 minutes per day...for 10 days...and they are PACKED with POWER.

You'll probably find yourself slapping your forehead and saying, "Ahhhhh yessss, how could I have forgotten THAT!?

But we all do.

So, to reclaim and "lock in" those forgotten keys, in each section you'll get an inspiring quote, a powerful video/audio lesson, and then a thought-provoking reflection and/or mini-quiz to seal the information in.

You can watch on your phone, your tablet or your desktop--easy and convenient!!

Will it make a difference? YES! As you journey through the course, you will start realizing that you are feeling more optimistic, more confident, more content and happy...


But don't just take it from me, look at what other people have said about my previous work.

For example: Read what people are saying about my inspirational Amazon book Grateful for Everything:

"If everyone would read just one chapter of this book for a month, lives would change forever. Thank you for writing this wonderful gem."

- Joe Callaway, Author of Be the Best at What Matters Most 

“I think everyone should read ‘Grateful for Everything’ at least once a year. This book is a great reminder that gratitude is way more important than simply being polite – it is a magical emotion that can raise the level of your life if you practice it. Skip’s book goes into good detail – with many great examples – of just how powerful gratitude is. I read this book in one sitting and will more than likely do so again. Great job Skip and thanks for writing this!”

- Dunn Neugebauer, author of Funny Conversations With God 

 “…I truly believe it's a must read for anyone who has decided to be happy. It has valuable answers that I was looking for. I only wish it was available in more languages!”

                                               -Amanda Laneley, author of What I love about Dublin 

“What a wonderful book! Filled with encouraging stories and words that made me begin looking for ways to be grateful for everything in my life. The author has a conversational way of writing that draws the reader in and gives you the sense of sitting and talking with him as you read the book. This is a book I will go back to and read again and again!”

Linda Dutro

"An inspirational book I feel privileged to have read. Thank you Skip for sharing your own wisdom and guidance about living a life filled with a spirit of gratitude. Daily optimism is great but you show readers, with such simplicity, just how to take it to the next level(s)! We'll done!!"

Lisa Dixon 

“…This book can change your life, it's a MUST will help make sense of today's pressure packed world!”

Jim Carella

“Mr. Johnson you read my mind - I can't tell you how applicable your book is to my life. I am looking forward to making the choices the book tells me about. My favorite chapter is gratitude in leadership. In my job I am faced with the opportunities you write about _constantly_ as I'm sure everyone is and I can't wait until school starts tomorrow so I can "just start" to implement the choosing of gratitude in every situation. It will be a fun and challenging game. Thank you for such an uplifting, applicable message to us all.”

Robert Woodworth

“I was blessed with meeting Skip a few times over the past year and when I heard he wrote a book, I had to read it. Skip Johnson is one of the most positive and up lifting individuals that I have crossed paths with. He really understands how to take a situation, find the positives within and make everyone around him feel the same joy. His book, Grateful for Everything, is powerful and gives light to any one that reads the pages.”

Shaun Anderson

Now, let's do this thing!

Let me share the lessons I have learned that have helped me through my own pain, fears, and challenges in life...and give you the keys "Back to Happiness".


P.S. Remember, you'll breeze through this course and come out with new tools to handle life's challenges...immediately. So, invest a few minutes a day for only 10 days--starting today--and let these inspirational lessons empower you in a unique and freeing way.


Skip Johnson

Skip Johnson

Senior Instructor

Skip Johnson loves helping his students find massive amounts of inspiration in everday life.

To this author and motivational speaker-- as the Helen Keller quote affirms-- being alive for each of us is "either a daring adventure, or nothing at all." 

In the "7 Days to an Inspired Life" Challenge, Skip will provide you each day with ideas and words that will not only inspire you, but will leave you feeling empowered and equipped to impact the lives of those around you.

In these short 7 days, you'll get specific, easily implemented guidance on:

  • effectively dealing with change
  • learning to respond, not react, to challenges
  • becoming unstoppably persistent
  • doing the "impossible"

...and so much more

Skip is the author of the inspirational book Grateful for Everything, he's a member of the National Storytelling Network and he is a part of  less than1% of tennis professionals world-wide who are rated as  Master Tennis Professional with the United States Professional Tennis Association.

You can get inspiration from Skip Johnson every day and read more of Skip's inspirational work at:

Course Includes

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1 Survey

3 Quizzes

22 Texts

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2.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Introduction: How we lose the magic keys to happiness and contentment--and how to get them back

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